RACE Auto Care

Full Automotive and Truck Repair

Jim Jones

"The best way to spoil a Hobby is to make it an Occupation"                             

As a teenager, I loved cars; Hot Rods, Race Cars, Customs, Classics, Antiques, and anything else that would transport. I could not afford a dependable car of my own, or the  mechanic to repair it, so I learned to fix my own.

I got a job in a shop and entered the IGO Apprenticeship Program. Yes, I am a Certified Journeyman Mechanic with an A.A. Degree in Automotive Technology. When the A.S.E. Automotive Service Excellence technician certification began (originally called N.I.A.S.E.) I chose to get certified in Tune Up, Air Conditioning, and Auto Electrical. I was working at a General Motors Dealership, and at the time if you were certified in an area you were expected to work on that area of the car. So I chose only those areas that paid well, and thus avoided those areas that didn't. I have since updated my certifications and added the Brake Certification

After 20+yrs of auto repair and having sold my 6 Bay/ 6 Mechanic repair shop, we moved to Central Oregon with no intention of opening another repair shop. But it is hard to do something different when you love what you do. Fast forward to today, with my wife, I have been the owner/operator of RACE Auto Care for the past 10+yrs.

Although I have new hobbies, I still find nothing more gratifying than diagnosing a problem with a vehicle, and being able to repair it. And, most important, I have learned that I need to "Do my work heartily, as for the Lord, and not for men."(Colossians 3: 23). Also, that this way I can freely depend on His help. I thank my Lord, Jesus Christ for my salvation and my daily support.

Sandy Jones

"I am not a mechanic!"

 I am the wife and helpmate of my husband, Jim, for the last 18+yrs. I love to tease him all the time and say " If you weren't so honest we would be rich! "  which we all know is an un-true statement, to say the very least. It is due to Jim's honesty that our business is still growing. It is  our loyal, repeat , and "word of mouth" Customers that have kept us in business. I am proud & honored to have a Husband like Jim. We both sleep well at night knowing our God will honor our business, because Jim does his best to keep our Customer's vehicles running well, and safely.

   Which brings me to the fact, that since I am not a mechanic, that I believe is the best part of RACE Auto Care - OUR CUSTOMERS!

Simply and truly- we have the most wonderful customers on the Planet. I enjoy so much each new and treasured customer that walks through our door, and  I look forward to the excitement of who will be visiting us next. Our Customers are our great friends, and they seem like family to me, and I love it when more "Family Members"  are added.

So please come in and consider becoming one of our Customers, stay and talk, have some coffee or a cool drink of water, please feel at home here a RACE Auto Care. We appreciate your Business as much as we appreciate having you as a part of  our RACE family!